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  •         OPD Time: Morn:10 AM. to 4 PM.

Commitment beyond measure.Select Dedication beyond judge.

Our Vision

Set the global standard of excellence and lead the future of women’s healthcare.

Our Mission

Deliver better health and hope to all women and their families through compassionate care, innovation, education and discovery.

Our Core Values

EXCELLENCE - We set high standards and bring exceptional quality to all areas of women’s healthcare, research and education.

INTEGRITY - We are honest and ethical in every situation, especially when it is not easy.

INNOVATION< - We offer novel, creative ideas and pioneer discoveries that advance women’s health.

DIVERSITY & INCLUSION - We value, respect, and engage our differences, enhancing our ability to make discoveries, educate tomorrow’s leaders, and deliver extraordinary care to our diverse patient population.

TEAMWORK - We work together to achieve shared goals over personal goals. We believe the best results come from integrating a mix of perspectives, talents, and experiences.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT - We are never satisfied with the status quo; we all seek improvement in every aspect of delivering, researching and supporting women’s healthcare.

COMMUNITY - We are in tune with and engage our community to make our care accessible for all who need women’s health services.

ADVOCACY - We advocate for better health for the women in our community and around the world.